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11v11 Soccer Rules    

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 11:01 PM


Twin Creeks Soccer League Rules

1.  Registration

Registration is on a first come/first served basis. Registration must be done at www.twin-creeks.com. An employee in the league office can help you with registration if need be. Your team may sign up for any available night in the division you request, but is subject to change to achieve parity in our leagues. Refunds will be given if we are unable to fill a league. There is a no refund policy for teams who wish to drop out after the registration deadline passes. Leagues can be paid for in cash, credit card, or corporate check only. No personal checks will be accepted.

2.  Format

Generally, every team will play one game per week on their regular league night; although, circumstances may dictate a bye, double header, field change, time change or playing on a different night other than originally scheduled due to rain, tournaments, special events, or odd numbered teams in a league. We reserve the right to alter the league format at any time but will give at least 24 hours notice of game time changes except in emergency situations.

3.  Schedules

Schedules will be posted at www.twin-creeks.com for the entire season about a week before the start of the season. Managers may obtain their league schedules, rules, policies and league procedures, and Twin Creeks general information at www.twin-creeks.com. Managers are responsible for obtaining and reading the most current updated information from our Soccer Rules via the internet prior to new league commencement.  All players will receive a welcome email with important information about a week before league play begins.

4.  Rain-Out Policy

In the case of questionable weather, call (408) 734-0888, option 3. This is the number for questionable weather and/or status of a possible rainout decision. It will be updated by 3:00pm on the day of league games.

5.  Make-Up Game Policy

All games canceled due to rain, inclement weather or circumstances beyond GSTC’s control will be made up at the end of the regular season.  Team managers are responsible for inquiring in the Sports Office or checking the website to find out this information.

6.  Rescheduling

Once the regular season schedule is posted, no rescheduling will be done unless deemed necessary by GSTC staff. Please do not ask to reschedule games after the schedule is posted.

7. Line-up/Score Cards

Please complete the yellow cards complete with first and last names. It is the manager's responsibility to make sure that all substitutes are put on the card. At the end of the game each manager is expected to confirm the final score for accuracy. If there is a discrepancy, it should be corrected at this time. If an incorrect score is posted, please report it to the Sports Office immediately so it can be corrected as soon as possible.


1. Age Requirements

League players must be at least 18 years of age. 

2. Team Roster and Lineup Cards

Each captain will invite all of their players to the online roster.  Players will need to accept the invites and register to be placed on the team’s roster.  Each captain will be given a blank yellow line up card to fill out and turn in to the referees.  First and Last names are required as well as the managers signature at the bottom of the card. This will be your team’s official lineup for that game only.  The playoff roster is frozen after the first 3 played games of the season. To be playoff-eligible, a player must be on the official roster, to be completed no later than after the teams 3rd completed game. If you are roster checked during playoffs and do not have eligible players you may have to forfeit the game.


Official 11v11 Soccer Rules

All 11v11 Twin Creeks Soccer Leagues will be played according to the FIFA rules with the following exceptions:

1)    All 11v11 coed leagues will have 40 minute halves, with 5 minutes for half time.

2)    All teams must have a 3 women on the field at all times. A team may play shorthanded and start the game with less women. If a team does not have at least one woman the game may be played shorthanded with consent from the other team. No additional male players may be added.

3)    If a team is short players they may pick up players from another team playing in the same league. Any teams playing with players that are not on their roster or players that were not picked up from another league team will forfeit their game.

4)    Slide tackling is not allowed at all. Any slide deemed intentional but without player contact by the referee will result in a yellow card. Any slide tackle resulting in contact with any other player will result in an automatic red card and ejection from the game. This will also result in a free kick for the other team. This may also result in a one game suspension. In the event a slide tackle occurs in the goal box and no physical contact is made, a yellow card will be issued to the offending player and a penalty kick will be awarded to the other team. If a slide tackle occurs inside the goal box and physical contact is made, a red card will be issued to the offending player and they will be removed from the field and an automatic penalty kick will be awarded to the other team. Sliding is only allowed by the goalie as long as it is within the penalty area.

5)    Any fouls will result in a free kick. Players from the opposing team will line up 10 yards away from the edge of the ball.

6)    If a red card is issued to a player they must leave the field. Any red card given to a player will also result in an automatic suspension from the next game. If the red card results in their not being enough players to continue the game it results in a forfeit.

7)    If a player receives a Red Card during the 1st game of the playoffs they will not be eligible to play in the 2nd playoff game that same night.

8)    No substitute players will be allowed to play during playoff games. All players must have been added to the team roster. Teams may request a roster check before the start of the game to verify all players are rostered players. In the event of a roster check all members of both teams must present a valid photo I.D. to prove they are on the roster.

9)    No substitutions can be made during play. Any substitution must be made during a stoppage in play. Exception: A team that commits a foul may not substitute any players until the next stoppage in play.

10) Any use of the "F"-word or other excessive profanity can result in a yellow or red card.

11) If a player uses force in any way, threatens and/or abuses another player, referee or a Twin Creeks employee before, during, or after a game, he/she may be suspended from the park indefinitely.

12) Every player is required to have Shin Guards to play.

13) Twin Creeks Sports Complex does not allow metal cleats on any field.

14) No jewelry or other items can be worn during a game. Any jewelry or other item deemed unsafe by the referee must be removed in order to play in the game. This includes: watches, dangling earrings, rings, Fitbits, etc. 

15) As a result of a suspension, a team or individual player will not receive any refunds from Twin Creeks.

16) Any other rule that is not specified above will fall under FIFA rules.

Standings and Tie Breakers

The team with the most wins will be awarded 1st place in the standings

Tie breaks will be decided as follows:

1)    Wins

2)    Losses

3)    Head to Head

4)    Goals Against

5)    Goals For

6)    Goal Differential

*If there is still a tie between teams after all these it will be decided by coin flip*



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