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Tuesday, April 4, 2017 10:29 PM

Church Softball League Rules


1.   DIVISIONS OF PLAY:  The number of teams in each division, as well as the divisions used, shall be determined by the numbers of teams which sign up

2.   SCHEDULES: Division Schedules will be placed on the league website

3.   GAMES: Each team will play 10 games for the season.  All teams will qualify for a single game elimination playoff.  The higher seeded team will always be home team.

4.   GAME TIMES: Games shall be played at 6:40, 7:50 and 9:00 PM on a rotating basis.

5.   WEATHER CONDITIONS: In the case of questionable weather, call (408) 734-0888 option 3.  This is the phone number for questionable weather and/or status of a possible rain-out decision by Twin Creeks Sports Complex.  The recording will be updated by 3:00 PM the day of the game.


1.   ASA RULES AND REGULATIONS: The Church League is governed by the 2017 Edition of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), their website is www.asasoftball.com

2.   RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY: Twin Creeks Sports Complex provides umpires and fields for all games.  These individuals are agents of the governing bodies and the authority when it comes to the rules of the game.  These individuals shall be treated with respect at all times.  Objections and protest can be lodged respectfully.  “Respectfully” should include a lack of threat, contempt, character assassination, and physical contact both in word and in deed.  Division Representatives and Board Members are included as agents of authority for the association.

3.   FIGHTING: Not an issue with our league, but we need to review it just in case there is an altercation.  Physical altercations will not be tolerated and warrant immediate ejection from the game by the Umpire. Divisional Representatives and Board Members may assess additional punishment on a case by case basis.

4.   CONTROL OF LANGUAGE: Each individual participant is responsible for their language.  It should be respectful to authority and to other participants.  It should be representative of the wholesome environment desired by this association.  Participants should be considerate of children which will be present as spectators at these games.  Umpires, Divisional Representatives and Board Members have the authority to determine what language is offensive.  Swearing directed at authority, fans, opposing team or fellow participants will not be tolerated and warrant an immediate ejection from the game.  Non-direct swearing will warrant one warning, a second offense will not be tolerated and warrant an immediate ejection from the game.

5.   SMOKING AND ALCOHOL: Though drinking alcoholic beverages is legal, we discourage this activity while participating in this association.  This includes coming to Twin Creeks already under the influence of alcohol. 

6.   FOOD AND DRINK: All food and drink consumed on the premises of Twin Creeks Sports Complex shall be purchased at the complex.  No food or drink will be allowed to enter the complex (no coolers allowed).  Also, Twin Creeks does not allow sunflower seeds, to clean up the shells would add un-needed cost to our league.

7.   EJECTIONS FROM GAME: Umpires may eject any participant from a game for breaking the association rules. This person may also be suspended from the next game, and cannot return to active status until the situation has been resolved by the League Director.  Repeat offenders may be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season.

8.   FORFEITS DUE TO EJECTION: Ejected players may be replaced by a bench player whose name has not already appeared on the lineup card.  If a team has less than 7 players as a result of an ejection, and cannot replace the open spot in the lineup due to the ejection, than it will result in a forfeit.

9.   FORFEITS DUE TO LACK OF PLAYERS AT GAME TIME: Twin Creeks charges $50 to the team that forfeits a game at the start of a game due to lack of players (eight players are required to start a game).  This fee is due before your next game to the Twin Creeks office.  This cost covers umpires fees and pizza coupon to the team that did show up for the game.

10.                GRACE PERIOD: There will be a “grace period” of ten minutes from the start of the game time.  This courtesy allows each team to have additional time to provide a minimum of 7 players.  Once the minimum numbers of players have arrived at the field, the game shall begin.  Regardless of the time the game begins, the game clock will start at the scheduled game time.

11.                COURTESY RUNNER: Each team may request one “courtesy runner” per inning for any base runner.  The “courtesy runner” shall be the last batter to make an out (Exception: The last batter in the lineup for the first inning only).

12.                RUN RULES: In the spirit of fellowship, we prefer to keep games close.  This is one reason we place teams in different levels of play.  Occasionally we misplace a team in a division too high or too low.  The following rules have been adopted to help keep games close and/or end one-sided games early.

SEVEN RUN RULE: No team shall score more than seven runs for any of the first four innings of the game (Exception: If a team is behind by more than seven runs, they may score as many runs in one inning as it takes to tie the score).  This run rule does not apply from the fifth inning to the end of the game.

TWELVE RUN MERCY RULE: If a team is down twelve runs or more after their fifth inning at-bats, the game is considered final and complete.

TWENTY RUN MERCY RULE: If a team is down twenty runs or more after their fourth inning at-bats, the game is considered final and complete.

13.                BATS: Safety of the players is our number one goal.  Any bat on the “ASA Non-Approved Bat List” may NOT be used in this league (see ASA website www.asasoftball.com).  Penalties: Any player using a non-approved bat will be declared “out”; any other infraction by the same team in the same game will result in the batter being ejected from the game. 

14.                LINEUP: Any game may begin with at least 7 players in each lineup (eighth, ninth and tenth players may be added at any point in the game).  Each team may bat as many twelve players in the lineup at one time, but in this case all twelve players must be at the field at the start of the game.  Any player who is listed in the lineup, and not been substituted for, shall finish the game.  Exception to this rule will be a legitimate injury during the game.  All players who play in the game must be from the team roster, no exceptions, unless agreed upon by both managers (i.e., a player’s wife or girlfriend may fill-in on a temporary basis to play an official game).

15.                HOMERUNS: NEWLY UPDATED-6/20, 2017

Division One: Three homeruns total by each team over the fence.  Any ball hit over the fence which is not a homerun, shall be considered an “out,” and base runners may not advance.  We will no longer use the "Equalizer" rule.

Division Two: Two homeruns total by each team over the fence.  Any ball hit over the fence which is not a homerun, shall be considered an “out,” and base runners may not advance.  We will no longer use the "Equalizer" rule.

16.                ROSTER ELIGIBILITY: Rosters freeze after the teams 3rd game is completed.  Teams can submit a roster online or obtain a paper roster in the office.

17.                AGE LIMIT: The minimum age for any player shall be 18 by the first game of the season.

18.                PROTESTS: Any protest must be made in writing by the team manager and presented to the division representative along with a check for $25 within forty-eight hours of the game time.  All protests shall be reviewed by the Board as a whole and acted on accordingly.  Any infraction will be forwarded to the Senior Pastor of your Church, and your team may lose a playoff berth or league suspension.  The $25 fee may be returned if the protest is validated by the Board.

19.                PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY: As a minimum, each player who is eligible for the playoffs shall have appeared on the roster.  All players must bring their Driver’s License to any playoff game. 

20.                PLAYOFF FORMAT: Each team qualifies for the playoffs in their division.  The teams will be seeded according to the standings and play in a single-elimination playoff bracket.  Playoffs games will be posted on the website and emailed to team managers by the end of the day on Thursday before the playoff games.

21.                MANAGERS RESPONSIBILITY: The team Manager is responsible for the actions of each player named on the team roster, and associated spectators.  The team Manager is required to inform each player of the rules and regulations of this association, and of course willfully follow the rules himself as an example to his team.  Hard copies of the rules or other forms will not be distributed, but are available as downloads from the website.



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